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Effortless Cleansing
Experience Deep Cleansing with Our Advanced Facial Brush


Revolutionizing Skincare with Advanced Technology

Variable Speed Settings:  
  • Five frequency variable speed
  • Three minutes auto stop after 3 minutes
Speed levels:
Low speed 2: 3500 RPM Low speed 1: 4400 RPM High speed 1: 6000 RPM
High speed 2: 6500 RPM 

Advanced Brush Head Technology:
  • Matrix-dense array brush head with 1608 touch points
  • Firmly adsorbs pore dirt and makeup residue
  • Positive intensive touch brush head for deep cleaning of dirt and makeup residue
  • Unique thick type touch brush head on the back, designed for cleaning T zone and grease serious parts deeply

The Transformative Benefits of BrightRejuvaCleanse

Deep Cleansing:
  • The advanced brush head technology with a matrix-dense array and 1608 touch points effectively removes pore dirt and makeup residue, promoting a deeply cleansed skin.
Variable Speed Settings:
  • With five frequency variable speed options, including an auto-stop feature after three minutes, users can customize their cleansing experience for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
Gentle Yet Powerful:
  • The extra-gentle smooth touch brush head ensures a gentle yet thorough cleanse, making it suitable for all skin types, while the positive intensive touch brush head effectively targets dirt and makeup residue.

Radiant Skin
Achieve a Healthy Glow with Our Facial Cleansing Brush


Experience Ultimate Skin Revival with Lala Skin TherapyRevive Plus

  • Seven variable speed, three minutes auto stop, memory function
  • Extra-Gentle smooth and big T-zone and jawlines for deep cleaning
  • Matrix-dense array brush head with 4030 touch points, firmly adsorbing pore dirt and makeup residue, gently cleaning the skin deeply
  • Positive intensive touch brush head, Working time: 5h Charging time: 2.5h Speed Levels: 7 levels Material: Liquid silicone

Experience the Ultimate in Cleansing Comfort and Precision

  • Advanced 7-Level Vibration Technology: Tailored for Varied Skin Cleansing Needs
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating: Submersible and Ideal for Bath Use, Elevating Your Cleansing Experience
  • Rechargeable Efficiency: Just 2 Hours for a Power-Packed 100-Use Cycle, Uninterrupted Cleansing Convenience

Lala Skin's GlacialWave Sensor IPL hair removal is a game-changer! Smooth, hair-free skin without the hassle. Highly recommend!"


Sophia Reynolds - Miami, FL

Miami, FL

"I can't recommend Lala Skin's skincare products enough. The quality and results speak for themselves. 10/10!"


Isabella Lee

Seattle, WA

"I've been using the ToneTrendy from Lala Skin, and the results are remarkable. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated."


Nora Hayes

Chicago, IL


Effortless Hair-Free Beauty: Discover the Power of Our Home IPL Hair Removal Device


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with Lala Skin PolarSmooth

Ice Cooling Technology: The synchronization of icy cool and IPL technology provides convenient hair removal, making it suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Tailored 9 Levels: Personalized experience with 9 levels for a bespoke IPL treatment, accommodating different skin sensitivities and needs.

Unlimited Flashes: With 990,000 flashes, the device offers unlimited usage without the need for replacements, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

UV Filter Protection: The 3mm glass UV filter protects your skin by preventing harmful light from reaching the skin, ensuring safety during the hair removal process.

Transform Your Skincare Routine with Lala Skin

Advanced Skin Protection: The integrated UV filter safeguards your skin during the hair removal process, ensuring a safe and professional experience every time.

Versatile Flash Modes: Choose between manual and automatic flash modes to adapt the treatment to your preferences and specific areas of the body.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin: The device is suitable for sensitive skin, providing a convenient and effective hair removal solution for all skin types.

Effortless Hair Removal: With ice cooling technology and 990,000 flashes, achieve effortless and long-lasting hair removal without the need for replacements.

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